About me

Phillipa Swart

Hi, my name is Philippa Swart, and this is my view. I am a certified Life Coach, Career Coach and Mindset & Accountability Coach. I have also studied Emotional Freedom Technique’s (EFT)

I assist people by facilitating the process of them bringing some control to their lives I do this by giving them the tools to stop running in circles. Giving these people the means to be more productive and organized, allowing for a balance in their professional and private lives.

I love what I do, and I am extremely passionate about it. What drives me is my instinctive need to help people on a personal and professional level. Seeing clients flourish into better versions of themselves in all aspects of their lives is an immensely enjoyable feeling.

In my work, I can help you in various aspects of your life, to built confidence, a lack of organization, the inability to say NO!!…. a big one. I also help with mindset, facilitating to think different. I want to Inspire people to be the best version of themselves.