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“You must find a place inside yourself where nothing is impossible”. Deepak Chopra

Coaching in the Workplace

Coaching is important in the workplace because of how it benefits employees. Having a mentor to coach employees can improve their performance and increase job satisfaction. Develop their skills, Improve job performance and Increasing possibilities.

Inspirational Speaking

Create an uplifting emotional experience that leaves the audience feeling inspired and fulfilled.

Get Confident in using your Computer

Ease your way into the world of computers, have fun and be prepared to use it at any time.

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    About me

    Phillipa Swart

    Hi, my name is Philippa Swart, and this is my view. I am a certified Life Coach, Career Coach and Mindset & Accountability Coach. I have also studied Emotional Freedom Technique’s (EFT)

    I assist people by facilitating the process of them bringing some control to their lives I do this by giving them the tools to stop running in circles. Giving these people the means to be more productive and organized, allowing for a balance in their professional and private lives.

    I love what I do, and I am extremely passionate about it. What drives me is my instinctive need to help people on a personal and professional level. Seeing clients flourish into better versions of themselves in all aspects of their lives is an immensely enjoyable feeling.

    In my work, I can help you in various aspects of your life, to built confidence, a lack of organization, the inability to say NO!!…. a big one. I also help with mindset, facilitating to think different. I want to Inspire people to be the best version of themselves.

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    Take some time with Philippa to be heard and listen to as you uncover where you currently are, where you want to go, and what's standing in the way.

    If you focus on results
    you will never change,
    if you focus on change,
    you will get the results.

    Jack Dixon

    Jack Dixon

    Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.

    Steve Maraboli

    Steve Maraboli

    You must find a place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.

    Deepak Chopra

    Deepak Chopra

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