Business Goals and objectives

The Company strives to give meaning to the day to day life issues, to uplift people and to let people grow beyond their own expectations.

Furthermore, the Company focuses to change the negative into positive thinking and to turn individual’s lives upside down through Life Coaching

Vision statement

The Company solely focuses on YOU:

You want to be original, you want to be a success, but most of all you want to be you!

Mission statement

Daydreams What If (Pty) Ltd.’s focus is to uplift people. It desires for the Client to enjoy what they are doing.

Therefore the Company changes the Client in their workplace and skills them with the necessary knowledge to believe in themselves.

Daydreams What If (Pty) Ltd. is also there to serve the client and their employees.

The Company’s short term vision is to reach all individuals and companies that are uncertain of the way they are doing business or live on a daily basis.

New Insights Life-Coach Training

3 Replies to “Home”

  1. Philipa,

    Thank you for a wealth of experiences which I took for granted or never new existed.
    Please stay in touch.I will bother you alot on the previous sessions including a structured planning,goal setting and revison in my personal and professional life.
    As discussed before,please propose a date for you to chat to my daughter on being fired up,setting up goals,career orientation and consistency in their focus.I would suggest any Saturday morning or any Friday afternoon.

    Warmest regards,


  2. It is very important program everyone needs in life. i learn all the spheres of my daily life which some of them i was ignoring some of the life sphere

  3. When I thought I couldn’t reach my goals, you always supported me and kept me going. I want to thank you for helping me reach my potential.

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