For a client, seeing a life coach can be a life changing experience and an invaluable opportunity to take control over their life and fulfil their dreams.

Get a Life in 40 Days through 7 Strategic Questions

How happy are you with your life?  Think about it for a moment. 100%?  If not, why not? Despite your circumstances, you can be 100% happy.  It is achievable, because happiness comes from within. 

Shadowmatch – The ability to build this workforce by:

Placing people in jobs that best fit their habits…

  • Development and Mentorship Programs Unique to Every Employee.
  • Team Profiling and Management Support.
  • Relationship Reports to optimise On-on-one Relationships.
  • Personal Learning from Top Performers in the Job.


  • The Shadowmatch Team has developed Skillsgrid as an intelligent system to enable the Human Resources function in a business to largely improve on the way people are optimally deployed to jobs in an organization.

Career Coach

  • Career coaches are experts in skills such as career planning, resume building, negotiation, and interviewing. In Shadowmatch we use habits to create career reports and use it for career coaching.

Life coaching by:

  • Assisting the Client to set personal and professional goals.
  • To develop a workable strategy to obtain their goals within a given time frame.